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New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities II (HUM): Save, cite& copyright

Rights Management

DPLA does not manage the rights of items found in DPLA or its partners' collections. As with anything else, copyright laws require that...

  1. Users look for a permissions or rights management statement within the object's holder's web site.
  2. Make a fair use assessment of your intended use. Or determine if the item is in the public domain. Ask a copyright expert for help.
  3. If under copyright, ask the museum or library if you can use it by writing to it, explaining in detail what you intend to do and for what purpose.
  4. Only with a response in writing from the rights holder, for items still under copyright, will you know how or whether to proceed and if any fees are involved. 
  5. Do not assume items in DPLA are in the public domain.

Viewing results & saving them

Once you click on "view object" you will leave DPLA and head to the online repository that holds the digital object.  Before you do so, click on the title link.  This is how you obtain the information needed for a citation for your references section of your work. Here are 3 images of screens to show you how.