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New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities II (HUM): Earth Science Research Project

Time Line

Research Process

Research Process:


1. Create a timeline

Your work on a research paper starts with creating a timeline for it.

2. Understand the assignment

Make sure you understand the assignment, ask your teacher for a model if not being provided

3Choose a topic.

Ask a good question (from Springfield Township High School)
Ask a good question
Identify main concepts and key words.

4. Get Background Information.

Create and fill in a chart 'What I Know - What I want to know "
Read information found in various resources
Ask yourself a question why the research is important, what other people have done and what they have found.
Check encyclopedias, atlases in reference databaseand the Internet. 

5. Create a project statement

Based on this information, formulate a specific research question.
Read more about how to generate a specific research question from a research topic at

6. Identify keywords.


7. Search:

8. Cite Sources

Gather Results : Take notes, paraphrase, and collect information about the source where the information is taken.
Cite Sources

9. Write Paper


10. Create Works Cited


How much information should I gather?

We can think of searching for the best stereo player for a car. Before we decide to purchase one, we read reports and ask our friends of the models they know. Thus, we collect information from a variety of sources: primary and secondary.
The same way, when we search for information for our projects we compare information found in Google with facts found in printed sources and databases. The method of using at least three sources to verify information is called a Triangular Method.

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