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New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities II (HUM): Astor - Multimedia Project -Final Report- 2018 - 2019

Welcome to the Samuel Gompers Campus Library which is located in South Bronx, New York. The campus library has reopened for the Fall 2014 after the renovation in 2013. This website is a work in progress but feel free to use any of the links to find infor

Gompers Final Report 2018 2019


The interview with Ms. Livingston with Reporter Andre Sombo

News Report by Andre Sombo informing HUM2 Scholars of the New Policies and Times 

Final Report 2018 -2019


  1. Narrative, using either the attached template or another form, containing a description of
    1. Goals of the Grant

This multimedia project will allow students to develop as researchers and journalists through an immersive experience. The project will extend multimedia services in the library, providing learning technology such as video editing and photography, so that students can create newscasts and PSA’s for the campus community. Students will conduct research using multiple sources including New York NY NOVEL databases and then use multimedia tools including digital videography, photography and green screens to turn their research into broadcast journalism. The result will be an immersive experience that will engage students so they both grow academically and socially as they utilize library services. This project will improve collaboration among teachers in the ELA and Global departments with the Librarian as they design journalism lessons aligned with the New Visions Curriculum. Students increased journalism opportunities will extend their literacy and language growth within both the ELA and the Global curricula. A specific goal is to offer more journalism opportunities for scholars to tell their stories as they develop newscasts related to topics explored in the classroom. In the ELA curriculum, the intent for students to become engaged as journalists as they conduct research and create PSA newscasts connected to literature. In the Global curriculum, the PSA newscasts will focus on seminal moments in history, including reenactments from Global History in which students witness historical events and offer reports as if the events occurring in real time.  

  1. Summary of activities and results
    1. Scholar’s students created videos and skits for class. 
    2. Scholars students created newscast for the campus community from new policies to interviewing new faculty 
    3. Scholar students will research for the news cast using databases
    4. Scholars students conduct bridges and geometry while using multimedia video   
  2. Student impact (refer to measurement metrics in grant proposal)
    • Improved scholar students engagement as evidence from the teacher survey who strongly agree
    • Students engagement in developing the project using multimedia with a multimedia focus 
    • Improved collaborations between the library and multiple disciplines as evidence from the survey all teachers strongly agree. 
  3. Library and teacher impact (refer to measurement metrics in grant proposal)
    • Developed a survey in which students and teachers conducted during the grant process. 
    • Increased student produced content 
  4. Future plans
    • The future plans will be to develop a multimedia program for the campus using the multimedia library services to explore Film production and development. 
    • Learning different editing media so students can embrace new career readiness skills and development. 
    • Newscast and shows that can be celebrated to  the campus community. 
    • Tech infusing learning by injecting technologies into the Humanities programs in areas of theatre, dance, art, ELA, Science programs to use these sources to raise student engagement and student achievement. 
    • Conducting a series of short films where students model positive and negative behavior for inside and outside of the classroom. 
  1. Challenges and changes - Change  - Glow of the Grant - 
    1. Improved teacher librarian participation was higher than 2017-2018 for Astor Center for Public School Librarians Small Grant program.  
    2. Another change  from the grant was improved collaboration with the Math Department. A cross development with one of the 2017-2018 grants with 2018-2019 enable use to use to use the 3D printers while using the multimedia services. This is a grant evolution of grants the Astor Small grants growing the Library program  Thus the teachers utilized materials from the 2017-2018 and 2018 - 2019 grant for class project of Bridges and Geometry.  
      1. Section of the NEW curriculum: UNIT 5: Extending to Three Dimensions for this project. 
    3. The teachers stated using these services improved student achievement in the classroom. 
    4. Additionally, the scholars had improved engagement while exploring three dimensions in geometry and bridges. 
    5. Newscast Students did a couple of newscasts by interviewing new faculty and series of culture improvements for the school. 
    6. Improved  collaboration with the Special Education Math /Science, ELA, Mathematics

and History departments.

  1. Teacher Quote “I've learned that students develop problem-solving skills and are given more independence and voice when working on projects in the library.” 
  2. Did the project promote librarian teacher collaboration? All responses strongly agree with this statement. 
  1. Challenges - Grow of the project 
    • This grant had multiple challenges from miscommunication of the purchase of materials.  
    •  This year grant was 2018-2019 had a lower  interaction due to the fact that the students in summer school were lower attendance.
    • Another challenge was multiple students did not complete the survey of the grant. This hurt the overall measurement of metrics in the grant 
    • Limited in developing research/editorials that reflect stories the American experience and identity 
    • Learning technologies of film editing and film process 
  2. Lessons learned
    • Learning editing technologies which was a challenge. 
    • Need improved advanced computers to do the editing process. 
    • Additionally purchasing of editing materials and camera materials slated for the future.
    • The film process was the easy part of the grant it was the challenge of the editing process in which instructing students how to use the technology and  using different editing software. 
    • Exploring new software and materials will be the next goals of the grant.  Also this was a challenge and development in presenting a project professional manner. 
  3. Artifacts, containing illustrations of the grant activities and outcomes
    • artifacts can be linked (in both the cover sheet and the appropriate place in the narrative) or pasted in the narrative if appropriate
    • Creation of Final Report, and Website 
  4. artifacts should focus on student learning outcomes and the support/planning/activities that lead to those outcomes
    • Artifacts Multimedia Video - HUM2 News Andre
    • Interview of New Member Ms. Livingston